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"Nature Made CoQ10 Supplement, 100 mg, Coenzyme Softgels, Value Size, 60 softgels" (Nature Made)

  • Bottle of 60 energizing, preservative-free soft gels, each soft gel containing 100 milligrams of CoQ-10

  • Antioxidant that helps support the heart

  • Works with Vitamin E to fight free radical damage; contains 100 mg of coenzyme Q-10 per softcell serving

  • No artificial flavors; no preservatives

  • Founded in 1971, Northridge, California-based Pharmavite manufactures Nature Made vitamins and Nature's Resource herbal products and was instrumental in developing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for supplements

Logitech remote

sounds cool.

"Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote" (Logitech)

"Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote Control" (Logitech)

Our love affair with entertainment gadgets has caused an unfortunate epidemic of remote controls. In my own house, there's a wicker basket on a coffee table with a jumble of remotes for a television set, a high-definition television tuner, a home-theater receiver and a couple of videogame consoles. And when that basket became flooded, I added yet another device to contain the clutter.

There are "universal" remotes that are designed to let you operate multiple electronics devices from a single control. But most universal remotes, if you can figure out how to work them at all, don't help much with the tedious sequence of button pushes often required to do simple tasks, like watch a movie. In my case, just turning on the TV can require up to six punches on two different remotes, depending on what activity I happened to be doing on my home-theater system the last time I shut it off.

Logitech International, the Swiss computer-accessory maker, has come up with an answer to the problems of remote-control clutter and excessive button-pushing with its family of Harmony universal remote controls that are relatively affordable and easy to use. The Harmony 1000 I tested two of the latest models of Logitech remotes, the Harmony 890 and 1000, and found that they greatly simplified using my home-theater system

The two models of remotes offered similar functions but in radically different industrial designs. The Harmony 1000 is a tablet-shape control about the size of a small picture frame, with a large touch-sensitive color screen that displays large buttons for accessing activities and other functions on your devices. The Harmony 890 is a more conventional wand-shape remote with a smaller screen.

I preferred the design of the Harmony 890, finding it easier and more natural to use with one hand, not to mention a better value. I have found the Harmony 1000 selling for as low as $272 and the Harmony 890 for $222 on The 890 comes with a kit that lets you extend the range of the remote by using radio frequency, instead of infrared, signals.

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"Artemis Fresh Mix Adult Cat Formula (18-lb bag)" (Artemis Company)

The best cat food we've found is Artemis.

Trace minerals

"Liqumins Dietary Supplement, ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops, Low Sodium, 8 fl oz" (Trace Minerals Research)


"Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate 1:1 0 180 Capsule" (Solaray)

or even better:

"Trace Minerals Research Cal/Mag/Zinc, 90 Tablets (Pack of 2)" (Trace Minerals Research)

or liquid

"Liqumins Dietary Supplement, Cal/Mag/Zinc, Fast-Absorbing Liquid Formula, Natural Pina Colada Flavor, 32 fl oz" (Trace Minerals Research)

Now Looking Green Is Looking Good

Now Looking Green Is Looking Good - New York Times:

The phrase and the concept — there is good money to be made in preserving the environment — is so often repeated that it has become a cliché. So it was probably inevitable that some enterprising advertising agency would figure that there is equally good money to be made from specializing in ads that promote greenness.

And, in fact, agencies with a green specialty are sprouting like alfalfa.

“When I started out in 2003 there were maybe five or six green agencies around,” said John Rooks, president of Dwell Creative, a three-person environmental ad agency in Portland, Me. “There’s got to be at least 50 of us now.”

There are no hard numbers to prove his point. Neither the American Association of Advertising Agencies nor AAR Partners, which helps clients find agencies, have kept count. But anecdotal evidence is mounting. “The nonprofits are realizing that it takes money to create a brand, and the corporations are finally getting that their customers really care about green,” said Hugh C. Hough, who founded the advertising agency Green Team in New York 12 years ago.

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Fishing for Ducks-Selenium

Lincoln Park

Fishing for Ducks-Selenium
Fishing for Ducks-Selenium, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

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GreenOrder helps companies maximize the value of sustainability - making environmental excellence, energy innovation, and corporate responsibility drivers of profitable growth.

By combining world-class strategy, rigorous factual analysis, and effective marketing and messaging, we have helped some of the world's largest enterprises turn their investments in sustainability into concrete competitive advantage. We also work with breakthrough clean technology ventures to help them reach their potential.

Our diverse, proven expertise in business strategy, environmental science, and marketing allows us to produce results that are credible and compelling for the broadest range of internal and external stakeholders.

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Israel TV News on IsraTV - Producing TV from the Heart of Israel

Israel TV News on IsraTV - Producing TV from the Heart of Israel:

Calcium ions may play key role in MS

Calcium ions may play key role in MS : Science Technology:

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind., June 27 U.S. medical researchers have determined calcium ions might play a key role in multiple sclerosis by activating enzymes that degrade myelin sheaths.

Purdue University Assistant Professor Ji-Xin Cheng said learning exactly how the myelin sheath -- the fatty substance that insulates nerve fibers -- is degraded might lead to new treatments.

Purdue researchers focused on how myelin sheaths are degraded by a molecule called lysophosphatidylcholine, known as LPC. Although LPC doesn't cause multiple sclerosis, it's used extensively in research to study the deterioration of myelin, which insulates nerve fibers and enables them to properly conduct impulses in the spinal cord, brain and the body's peripheral nervous system.

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Slim and Sexy forever

"Suzanne Somers' Slim and Sexy Forever: The Hormone Solution for Permanent Weight Loss and Optimal Living" (Suzanne Somers)

The most important message in this book will be found in the introduction by Mrs. Somers and her physician David Allen, MD. That message refutes a common mistruth still taught to medical students every day.

Now (after finding it impossible to control her weight doing all the things in her early books that previously worked for her), Mrs. Somers has found that without proper hormone balance it becomes impossible to feel energetic and control weight consistenly within a healthy range. So, the first chapter of this book explains modern strategies of hormone replacement. Then the remainder of the book explains diet and exercise.

The tragedy (and the mistruth): Physicians are taught that only about 1% of people with obesity have abnormal hormones as part of the reason for thier obesity. When looking at adults over the age of 40, I find a much higher percentage of people with one or more hormone abnormalaties (all discussed in this book): growth hormone, thyroid (T3 or T4), testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, or cortisol.

Hormone Well

"From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well: Discover Human-Identical Hormones as a Safe & Effective Treatment for PMS, Perimenopause, Menopause or Hysterectomy" (C. W., Jr., M.D. Randolph, Genie James)

Book Description

With devastating reports coming out about synthetic hormones, Dr. C.W. Randolph, Jr. was urged to write From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well . This book helps women around the world understand how their bodies can be treated effectively by using human-identical natural hormones - the safe way to a healthy life as the body changes.

The book is written for women suffering from the symptoms associated with PMS, perimenopause, menopause, or hysterectomy. With more than 38,000,000 women now hitting the perimenopause or menopausal years, it's important to know that there are safe options for their health. Dr. Randollph also provides insight into a woman's reproductive health as well as male menopause.

The book offers safe and effective treatments for the following: weight gain, depression, osteoporosis, mood swings, premature aging, breast health, hot flashes, low sex drive, fluid retention, and fatigue.
About the Author

Dr. Randolph is internationally recognized for his natural medicine approach to women’s health concerns. As a trained pharmacist and Board Certified practicing gynecologist, Dr. Randolph has treated thousands of women suffering from the symptoms of hormone imbalance. For more than a decade, Dr. Randolph has built a sound foundation of clinical evidence to support the safety and efficacy of treating patients with human-identical hormones (e.g. estrogens, progesterone, testosterone) vs. synthetic hormone replacement therapies (HRT).

Genie James has over 20 years of experience developing and executing business development and revenue growth initiatives for health systems and physician groups. For more than 10 out of the last 15 years, Ms. James has run her own consulting business focusing on strategic business development and new program/product launch while also emphasizing the critical importance of personalized medicine and relationship-centered care. Through hands-on experience, Ms. James has developed a unique expertise specific to women’s health initiatives and complementary/integrated healthcare initiatives.

Bio Identical

"The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness for Men, Women and Children" (Michael E. Platt)

"The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness for Men, Women and Children" is a comprehensive presentation explaining how hormone replacement therapy can restore lost health in ailments such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, ADHD, menstrual problems, migraine headaches, asthma, sexual problems, urinary incontinence, fertility issues, and others. Author Michael Platt is board certified as an internist and founder of Platt Medical Center in Palm Desert, California. Dr. Platt is expert and renowned for his work with natural hormone replacement to enhance wellness. The findings in the thoroughly "reader friendly" book are presented skillfully and clearly, making the information thoroughly accessible for the non-specialist general reader. Dr. Platt urges his readers to consult their physicians first in order to begin planning an hormonal treatment approach for any medical disorder. While "The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones" is based on many years of clinical experience and observation by Dr. Platt, it is no substitute for the consulting with one's own doctor. Nonetheless, "The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones" can substantially aid men and women, with the help of their physicians, to seek effective hormonal solutions to health problems previously thought to be insoluble.